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Classroom seminars

Designed for system administrators, learn how to better manage your inventory and operations environment.

Phone help desk

Have a quick question?  Give our support Guru's a call.  We charge for the exact length of your call with no hour minimums.

For our visual learners.

Let's make training as efficient as possible.  BSTI's support associates will walk you through the features of each individual module.

Breckenridge Software Technologies support

Breckenridge Software Technologies, Inc.

Web-based / online training

Our most popular option!  Spend 1 hour each morning or spend the whole day learning our amazing software.

Let's grow together.

If you cannot find what you're looking for, drop us a quick email.  We love to hear feedback from our community as to what would help their business!

Here when you needs us.

With office locations in all 4 continental US time zones, we are here to answer your questions as fast as possible.

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On-site Training

Let us help you get the most out of your system with our most personal, user specific training method.

Support options for every need.

We have put together a combination of support options to meet the needs every business/industry.  Please contact our sales department for pricing and scheduling.

Shadow application

The next level of online support.  We will log into your account to see exactly what you see.


​​A Breckenridge Software support associate is here to help.

Conversions, audits, archives

Ready to move to an updated version of BSTI or need help with your year end audit?  We are here to help.

Built to last.

Our team of engineers has built BSTI to be both reliable & intuitive.  If a question does arise, contact your local support Guru or call our headquarters.

Preparing you for the future.

The Breckenridge Software team has countless years of experience in a number of unique industries.  We will bring our years of knowledge and expertise to help configure and support your business.

Email support

Have a quick question?  Drop us an email, it's completely free!

Business consulting

Conducted by our team of users all with 20+ years of experience in niche inventory & production environments.