Our most popular option, run Strillium on our powerful, secure servers that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Packages start at

$45/ user / month

  • -  Installed on in-house networks / servers / PC
  • -  Advanced integration options to 3rd party applications
  • -  On-site staff to complete updates / data management
  • -  Advanced installation controls & locations
  • -  Multi-user, security restricted access
  • -  Advanced customization options

Unlimited software updates.

Let's keep your system up-to-date! Included in our low monthly fee, we give all our customers free access to all software updates.

Pay per user.

If you need exactly 4 users, you only pay for 4 users. No more user block purchasing, add a user(s) to your account in less than an hour!

Pay per module.

We do not believe you should be paying for anything you don't use. As a result, we have broken our order form into precise modules. We will work with you to define your needs and only charge you for the respective modules.

No long-term contracts.

If you need to cancel your account after 3 months, we believe you should have that right. BSTI is extremely confident you will love our solutions and believe that is the sole reason a customer should continue using a product.

Grow with BSTI.

Let's grow together. If you need to add an additional module or user to your account, just send us a quick email or give us a call. You may add or remove items to your account at any time!

Low cost of investment

With the exception of a small setup fee, you won't pay for anything aside from your low monthly fee. Many software solutions require a $5,000+ upfront cost. At BSTI, we do not believe you should have to expose your business to such a risk or upfront cash outlay.

Pricing details.

  • -  Web-hosted, online access
  • -  Delegate system administrator role
  • -  Enhanced installation, support, training  (shadow application)
  • -  BSTI engineers will complete all updates
  • -  Multiple layers of security
  • -  Ease of access for on-site & off-site personnel (salespeople, dealers, growers, etc.)

BSTI web-accessed.

Pricing to fit the need of every operation.

Delegate the system administration role

Rely on our experienced software engineers to handle a number of your computer software concerns. Data back-up and retrieval services, security administration, system auditing, error recovery, annual archiving activities, software updates, and system installations are all managed and performed by our experienced Breckenridge Software staff.

Software updates at your convenience.

All software updates will be installed by our software engineers to limit the responsibility placed on your administrative staff. To meet your company needs, we will only update your company account when you tell us to. This will allow your company to learn and view all system modifications at your own convenience.

Enhanced system service, support, and training.

Our software engineers will be able to log into your company account to see exactly what it is you see. This will enable our support staff to solve and answer any and all questions you may have in a timely, precise manner. This function also provides an excellent opportunity to conduct preliminary and on-going training activities to teach both new and pre-existing staff members how to efficiently use BSTI software solutions.

Multiple layers of security.

Every account is protected by a unique password and username to ensure system security. In addition, our powerful servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to guarantee all software solutions are being accessed by only those with appropriate clearance. Within every company account, the software solutions are equipped with extensive administrative security settings to enable or prohibit specific users from accessing and performing a variety of tasks.

Save time and money.

At a low flat rate, the cost of operating BSTI software solutions allow companies to use their saved cash flow in areas most important to the growth and success of their business. Let BSTI invest our own time and money in the latest security, software, and server technologies and spend your saved time and money in core business functions to enhance your company.

Effortless account access.

Log into your company account from any location where a computer/smart-tablet and internet connection is available with absolutely no additional software or hardware requirements. View all data exactly like you would from your office. This function enables company managers, administrators, and salespeople to log into their individual profiles to enter, record, view, and print data in real-time, at a moment's notice.

Breckenridge Software

Technologies, Inc.

Installed on in-house servers/networks/PC.  Give your IT staff advanced data & configuration controls.

BSTI desktop.

Meet BSTI for yourself.

Let us show you the light!
Take a few minutes and schedule an online demo with one of our software Guru's.  We want to make sure you receive as much personal attention as possible and get answers to all your questions.

Web-hosted features

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Built to grow!

Start small and grow to advanced! 
BSTI allows businesses to purchase only the specific modules/features they need at the present moment.  Once their needs expand, select from our dozens of add-on features to fill that void.  


​​Select the purchase option that fits your business.

​​Packages start at

$85/ user / month