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Pricing questions.

What is a con-current user?

A con-current user is the total number of users logged into your account at any given time.  Example below.

How many user licenses do I need?

One license for every con-current/simultaneous user that is logged onto your account.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend purchasing 1 license for every terminal at which you intend to run BSTI.

Example 1: You intend to run BSTI 1) in your back office 2) at your store front and 3) in an administrator office or home. This will require 3 licenses. Keep in mind, you may setup an unlimited number of employees(users) at each station, but if only a total of 3 people are logged into your account at any given time, you will only need 3 licenses.

Example 2: You intend to run BSTI 1) on two computers in your warehouse / receiving room, 2) three computers in your main office, 3) and you would like to give your three salesmen the opportunity to login directly to your account to view accurate stock levels and enter sales orders. In total, this will require 8 licenses. Keep in mind you may setup an unlimited number of employee with unique security access (warehouse personnel) but you wil only be able to have a total of 8 staff members logged into your account simultaneously.

How am I billed?

You have 2 payment options:

1.  Monthly payments. If you select this option, we will simply charge your company credit card at the beginning of each month unless instructed otherwise. Other payment methods are available on request.


2.  Yearly payments. If you pay for 12 months in advance, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly fees. You have the option to be invoiced or have the payment charged to your credit card.

Who should use BSTI?

Anyone that needs to track inventory, lots, purchases, sales, resources, or production tasks.

We are committed to bringing the highest level of service to a multitude of industries such as seed, agriculture, dairy & cheese, retail, wholesale, production, wine & beverage, professional services, etc.

Visit our  industry solutions  page to learn more.

What does BSTI offer?

BSTI offers a complete inventory and operations management solution used by small, family-run businesses to multi-brand, multi-location corporations.

In addition to our core modules (Purchasing, Inventory, Sales) we offer numerous add-on products to help with a wide range of tasks such as accounting, production, and point-of-sale.

BSTI is offered as either an online (web-hosted) solution or a desktop (installed on in-house computer / servers) solution.

Does BSTI allow users to work simultaneously?


Setup and manage an unlimited number of users on your account. Employees and administrators will be able to log-in to your account from ANY location that has an internet connection, each with customizable security and access settings.

What types of customer support are available?

Phone support. Have a quick question? Give us a call in one of our offices located across all 4 continental US time zones.

Email support. Have a quick question during setup, shoot us an email.

Web-based online support. We will log into your account to train, view, and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

On-site training and support. Want to get the most out of your training and support? Have one of our experienced support staff members visit your organization and work on the very systems you operate day in and day out.

User Seminars. These 2 - 3 day seminars are geared towards advanced or “power” users and for administrators. Most useful for conveying a deeper understanding of our data structures as well as sharing various techniques for “getting more out” of their system.

What is the lead time from decision to installation?

On record, our fastest lead time from initial contact to live installation is 3 business days. We use this as an example of our ability to work with your business in a moment’s notice. In the above example, we were first contact by a client on a Friday morning, spent that afternoon reviewing product details, received payment Saturday morning, fully installed BSTI on Sunday, and scheduled a crash course, on-site training session all-day Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning they were fully live, with a member of our support team monitoring entries throughout the day. (This "crash course" approach in not preferred or suggested, simply an example!)

What do the companies look like that you are currently working with?

     Volume & Size

          •  Range is 1 user to 400+ concurrent users. Typically 5 to 35 concurrent users.

          •  $1 million to $1 billion economic unit size. Typically $10 to $30 million.

          •  Primarily North America, but also Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

          •  Privately-held to subsidiaries of multinational companies to state institutions.

How frequent do you offer upgrades?

Major upgrades are released once every 3-4 years. Minor upgrades are released about 1-3 times per year.

Does BSTI offer a reporting tool?

BSTI applications have fully integrated, built-in reporting capabilities with extensive data selection, sort specification, and display control capabilities enabling users to generate extremely specific data outputs. Data view screens give users the ability to extensively filter and “drill down” on data without having to print reports. Specific report selection/sort/display specifications may be saved to an unlimited number of report profiles to enable fast, consistent, error-free, generation of repetitive reports.

The user-interface (“front”) end of BSTI is directly integrated with the MS Office suite. This enables users to seamlessly export to Excel, leveraging all graphs, charts, forecasts, and data formatting tools.

Clients who choose MS-SQL-Server for their back-end also have available the full range of MS-Visual Studio reporting capabilities.