Multi-national, multi-cost center, multi-brand corporation.

Small, family-run business

Inventory and operations features:
  • Bulk & net movement of inventory tracking
  • Barcode, Serial #, Catalog ID EID scanning / tracking
  • Raw material to finished good tracking
  • License and expirations date tracking
  • Lot number tracing
  • Lot locations tracking
  • Tracking of all inventory activities
  • Lot tag generation
  • Business cost tracking & management


Let's grow together.

Whether you are a small, family-run business looking to get started tracking your inventory / production or are a multi-national, multi-brand corporation; we have a solution to meet your needs.

  • Customer to end-user reconciliations
  • Custom pricing (product, category, volume, etc.)
  • Club / Group order management
  • Bulk order processing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Return order
  • Dealer / Grower management
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Credit card processing

Cheese & Dairy

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Depending on your business / industry, simple question such as "what you have, how much you need, when you need it, and how you made it" can be much more complex, this is where BSTI comes into play.

Dairy farms and cheese operations rely on software solutions to assist them in all aspects of their business. These tasks range from repetitive, tedious record-keeping to lot and cost tracking to complex government reporting requirements. Take a few moments and see what BSTI can do for you, we know you’ll love what you find.

Business accounting features:
  • General ledger
  • Accounts payable
  • Multiple cost centers
  • Parent company reporting
  • Financial statement generation
  • Purchase & bill payment tracking
  • Built-in, self audit trail features
  • Customizable user security settings

Breckenridge Software Technologies, Inc.

  • Lab statistics & analysis
  • Lot and product analysis
  • Composition analysis
  • Lot quality assurance
  • Consignment tracking & management
  • Work order generation
  • Full blending & trial blending functions
  • Real-time inventory tracking
Order processing features:
  • Allocations
  • Advanced order / Bookings
  • Positions
  • Printable pick, pack, ship documents
  • Multiple customer billing & shipping locations
  • Drop shipping
  • Transfer orders
  • Unlimited products, locations, customer, vendors
  • Multiple levels, methods of % discounting
  • Extensive, detailed, pre-loaded reporting module

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