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Powerful, easy to use features.

Lot Tracking + Purchasing + Sales + Production + Dealer/Grower Management + Activity Tracking + Container Management + Statistics & Analysis + Bookings + Accounting + Government Reporting + Blending/Mixing + Lot Tag Generation + Asset Management + Warehouse Management + Cost Tracking/Allocations

Ditch your mouse.  We have designed our data-entry screens to be completed in under 5 seconds!

Built for speed, accuracy.

 BSTI will be customized to record your desired: activities, statistics, statuses, terms, taxes, fees, royalties, etc.. 

With multi-user, security restricted access, you will be able to monitor & share data, templates, and reports in seconds.

Lot, location tracking (detailed)

Multiple, easy-to-use reports (load / save)

Barcode, UPC, Catalog #, EID

Track everything.

Work smarter. Work together.

Customized to your business.

Learn from your data.

Organized, intuitive.

BSTI's intuitive, easy to learn interface allows users to be trained and organize their data in minutes.


*Powered by Microsoft

 BSTI is built & integrated within Microsoft's software (MS Office), leveraging the power & updates of our "big brother." 

Anywhere, anytime.

 With web-hosted or server based deployments, you will have access at home, at work, on the road, or in the field! 

Purchasing & Vendor management

Inventory & Operations management

Sales & Customer management

Complete workflow.

Built-in, detailed reports
Sales, quality, inventory, purchasing analytics
Cost management, tracking

*Breckenridge Software Technologies, Inc is a Preferred Developer for the Microsoft Corporation and is not a product, sub-division, or otherwise associated with Microsoft.

The Future is here with Project Strillium.

Project Strillium is an update our team has been working towards for roughly 2 years.  Developed from the ground-up, Strillium is distinguished by our modern user interface, advanced productivity tools, and a free virtual training center.

To learn more about this update or to be part of our upcoming BETA test release,  please contact us at:


Breckenridge Software offers tailored, complete solutions for a number of specific businesses/industries.  Whether you are a small, family-run business or are a multi-national, multi-brand corporation, we have a solution specifically for you.

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Lot tracking software for your growing business.
Purchasing + Lot Inventory Management + Sales

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